What is Corrugated Cardboard: Definition and TypesPosted On: Aug-24-2018  By: Mike

What is Corrugated Cardboard: Definition and Types

Structure of corrugated cardboard consists of grooved sheets attached to one or more liners. Corrugated boards consist of two major components; the liner and the medium. The liner is found on the surface of the board while the medium is found inside some heavy boards. Corrugated cardboard comes in a wide variety depending on packaging requirements. For instance, where expensive strength is required; two or three sheets of the medium is incorporated with appropriate liners. Structure of corrugated cardboard comprises of four variables; the strength of used liners, the strength of the corrugated medium, the strength and numbers of flutes per foot, and lastly numbers of walls.

The packaging material connects effective product protection with very low material usage and weight as well as their mechanical capability.

A flute has a great capacity to absorb shock thanks to a wider spacing. This large numbers of flutes per foot provide maximum crush resistance. Corrugated boxes are used for packing, storing and transportation of products to retail shops, warehouses, offices, and homes. Our corrugated cardboard are not only eco-friendly, they are durable well-crafted to embarrass the test of time. Manufacture of corrugated cardboard packaging can be classified into two processes.

Containerboard Process: This process glues one or more sheets of fluted corrugated medium to one or more flat facing of linerboards.

Box Manufacturing Process: This is finely used to assemble corrugated sheets into quality boxes.

Printing of these corrugated cardboard uses a quick dying ink and finally cut into specific shapes and styles.

Re-designing or optimizing packaging is a great deal hence the need to acquire these high-strength corrugated boards. Corrugated cardboard is the packing material for many outstanding brands in the market. With the most advanced and high-tech construction, the cardboard is made to carry a wide range of weight, protection against moisture and guarantee sustainable packaging solution.

Statistics has it that about 60 percent of all paperboard packaging is used in food segment industry. In the year 2016, 4.9 million tons of paperboard packaging was shipped in Northern America. This growth is predicted to escalate by the year 2020. Furthermore, the industry forecasts the total value of carton shipment in the U.S alone to grow from $ 8.6 billion in the year 2016 to more than $ 9.6 billion by the year 2021. Corrugated shipment totaled more than 376.4 billion square feet in the year 2016 compared to 368.6 billion square feet in the year 2015. This suggests shipment increase by 30.8 billion. This has created the demand for corrugated cardboard hence retail packaging is projected to increase by 5.6 percent per year to 3.3 billion by the year 2020.

Corrugated cardboard are made out of recycled materials. Statistics further denotes that in the year 2018, 80.7 percent of corrugated material was recovered from recycling.

Types of Corrugated Cardboard

Corrugated cardboard come in various types with a well blended linerboard and medium for ultimate strength as well as providing products. Each type is finely suited for packaging varieties of products.

Single Face
This is glued to a single medium using one flat sheet of a linerboard. This type of corrugated cardboard is mainly used to protect breakable products within boxes or packaging.

Single Wall
This type is manufactured using two flat sheets of linerboard. Its also known as a double face. Single wall cardboard type is most suitable for boxes and packaging due to their smooth exterior surfaces that ensure convenient stacking and shipping. Single wall type has excellent surfaces suitable for printing company identifiers such as logos and business details.

Double Wall
This is made up with three sheets of linerboards with two medium in between. It contains all the features of a single wall with the extra added strength to accommodate heavy items and also enable larger stacks for the warehouse as well as shipping.

Triple Wall
With four sheets of linerboards and three medium in between, this type offers maximum strength and protection. It’s a substitute for lightweight wooden crates for larger and heavier shipping.

Corrugated board is keenly designed to issue a stable cushion for your products rendering them safe for long distance transportation, shipping and customer handling. Corrugated cardboard have a tough coating let alone being flame resistant.

The best thing about corrugated about corrugated boards, they can be easily printed, very strong and durable and can be widely recycled. To fit your needs even more better, they can be conveniently transformed with a wide variety of colors, designs and texts to suit your display purposes.

Corrugated cardboard are heavy duty and durable. They are more secure and gives a better presentation to your customers. You have a choice of design layout, whether to use a lid that that meets at the center for easy tapping, or flaps that cross over with a double layer. Corrugated boxes or cardboards remain the most practical when it comes to modern product packaging.