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Applying eyeshadow over the eyes has become an essential part of eye makeup. It makes the eyes look alluring and adds charm to a lady’s overall appeal. Covering the lids of the eyes, the eyeshadows quickly helps to grab the attention from the onlookers. A custom made eyeshadow box; is sized and shaped as per your requirement and the design will be unique, only to your company. These custom made boxes are mnemonic to the name of your company. Your unique eyeshadow box will help your customers identify your company, without even looking at the name on top of the cover.

A great product needs to have an equally great packing. Your customers will face difficulty in using the product if it is not packed properly. So you will need to spare thoughts on the eyeshadow packaging. A great packaging will not only protect the product from getting damaged but will also contain the logo and name of your company. You need to create an attractive exterior, to create a buzz for the product, among your buyers.

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Eye Shadow Boxes

Makeup is a big part of everybody’s routine nowadays. Everyone from fashion models to people at home is regular users of multiple cosmetic products. Unique colors of each of these items play their part in making the skin look the way the user wants. One of the best parts of makeup is the colors made for the eyes. Good quality talc with safe colors come to form high-quality eye shadows. After production, the marketing of these products is essential. We manufacture the best designs of boxes that become perfect packaging to represent these items. Eye shadow boxes have proven their worth in multiple scenarios. GoStickers.com has designed its production in a way that can produce mature items. These products help in reducing the number of complaints consumers have during the use of eye shadow containers. Knowing the following essential applications of cardboard eye shadow packaging is essential.

Backup your selection with reasoning
Companies sometimes do not prefer wrapping up their palettes in a box. If you choose to go the opposite way, you need a perfect rationale to do so. The uses of a box can become the number of motivations to make them a part of your end product. Here are some uses of these cardboard boxes that can benefit the companies. The application of these points can help out the firms to gauge products success. 

The securer the better
The packages come in handy for containing the items securely on the inside. This property requires extra care and attention to be paid by the manufacturers. Most of the eye shadow kits are made from breakable material like glass or plastic. These materials need cushioning from the containers to keep them safe. Shipping and retailing of makeups is not an easy task. A lot of accidents and mishaps can occur during the way. Companies make cheap eyeshadow boxes with poor quality material. This results in a lot of damage. Any slight poke or contact with a heavy sharp material can occur at any time. This results in damaging the makeup palette packaging. Not only this, the eyeshades themselves can get cracks in them. It has become a firm policy of our company to take the precautionary measures against this issue.

Reach the potential clients
Retailers demand the use of these boxes for marketing purposes. There are a lot of designs and patterns printed on unlimited makeup boxes. To make your own identity, it is important to take the right steps in the right direction. A massive list of manufacturers is working day in and night out to make their brand successful. It can only happen with the sales go up along with the revenue. This proves that customers are a huge part of retailing. Paying them respect and attention is equally important. To tell the buyer that you care about them, you need to do things that will attract their attention. Custom eyeshadow palette packaging design turns a simple or ordinary-looking box into versatile ones. It can help the firms and retailers attract more customers towards a particular kit. We value the willingness of makeup brands to woo their customers. That is the reason that we are one of the most interactive makeup box manufacturers. We bring out designs that are attractive to buyers. This is how these eye shadow palettes and their packages prove themselves important for the success of the company.

Handling made easy
The carrying of the item gets easier by placing it inside a box. Every makeup box and eyeshade kit needs careful handling. It gets possible with the use of a well-designed box. Luxury eye shadow boxes came with an option of handles or hooked cut-outs in them. This makes it possible for retailers to sell them easily. They can hang small boxes of eyeshades on rotating racks on the cosmetic counters. The display and identification of the custom eyeshadow boxes get possible with this property.  After buying the selected item, the box makes the opening and closing of it without any hassle. Another big point listed under box handling is its display. Cardboard eyeshadow palette packaging comes with the window cuts. The see-through property of these boxes makes it possible to display the item without having to open it. Like this, both the retailer and customer satisfaction gets possible. Sometimes the event of unpacking the kit before selling occurs. In such situations, it gets more comfortable with the use of eyeshadow sleeve packaging.

Focusing on what is important
Serving the market and fulfilling the needs of its customers has been our privilege. We have been addressing the consumers with the help of our well-designed custom boxes. By following a thoroughly designed and tested production process, we have made great progress in the market. 
Our design and expert team have gathered some statistics. These analyzed results have been able to represent the requirements of the clients. Here are some important factors regarding custom eyeshadow boxes that stand out to be vital for the customers.

Produce with perfection
The material of a box is what makes it perfect in the first place. A customer will always pick up a box that catches their eyes and feels good to touch. As a concerned manufacturer, we have taken it upon ourselves to protect this consumer right. It goes against our favor if we let the clients spend their money on the wrong material. Quality of the cardboard that is not up to the mark ends in faulty custom printed eye shadow boxes. An expensive box does not necessarily guarantee a luxurious eye shadow container. That is the reason we have incorporated a material that is good in quality yet affordable in price. Through this feature, we are able to perfect the flaws in common packaging.

Let it speak
The main target of all custom makeup boxes is to make their brand prominent in the market. It should be able to speak about the values that are practiced in the company. That is the reason eye shadow boxes printing via customization is very important. Producing the packaging in the required design, shape, and size is the first right step towards positive marketing. Our clients ask for a custom eyeshadow palette with pictures or custom eyeshadow palette with names on them. The logo and company’s name is enough to set the box apart from everyone else.

Take care of the wallet
Cost is a huge contributing factor for the clients. To take care of this feature, we have set a few guidelines in our organization.

Along with using production material that is in range, we control the cost by handling other manufacturing steps. Eye shadow boxes printing services like die-cut or plate charges are given out for free. This takes the extra weight off the shoulders of the customer. Furthermore, free design support and free shipping of these boxes result in a reduced amount. This option is also available on our eye shadow boxes wholesale.

Do it Like GoStickers.com
A good eye shadow boxes wholesale manufacturer takes into account all the salient features of production. We have always taken pride in being one of the highly trusted production company in the market. Firms have placed their unshakable trust in our services, and we have never failed them. The eye shadow boxes with logo, abstract drawings, and customized shapes are something that you will not find anywhere. After creating high-quality products with state-of-the-art machines, we tend to ship them out soon. Our turnaround time is quick and satisfying. It leaves our clients happy and gratified with our eye shadow boxes.
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