Scratch and Sniff Stickers

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One of the more modern surprises in the sticker industry are the Scratch and Sniff Stickers. These unique stickers are manufactured by treating their surfaces with a special fragrant coating, which when scratched, releases a typical odor or smell that is similar to that associated with the image drawn under the coating. Having a typical scented characteristic, these can be personalized to release the exact smell or scent you would want from them making them a perfect surprise gift for various people. These purposeful Scent Stickers are a specialty at Go Stickers and we also bundle in free and rapid shipping on wholesale orders along with no costs to pay for the cutting die equipment or the printing plates as well.

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Limitless Matching Fragrances

With the basic purpose of these Vintage Scratch and Sniff Stickers being that of providing matching fragrance to the image drawn under their fragrant coatings, which can be any traditionally famous animal, organic item, a famous smelly food or any other consumable product, Go Stickers provide our clients the complete freedom of choosing whichever personalized image and matching fragrance to go with it. You can get custom Chicken Scratch and Sniff stickers, roses stickers or any other required smell and image stickers that are perfect for many purposes. Let us know your exact requirements and we will satisfy both your seeing and smelling senses perfectly.

Perfect Surprise Gifts

Having their characteristic Everything Smells nature, these Scratch and Sniff Stickers are perfect for gifting purposes to any loved ones. Most common in children, kids and teenagers, these are perfect Smelly Stickers for Teachers to surprise them with their accurate smells. Other people can enjoy their surprise smells as well; these can be used on occasions like anniversaries or the Valentines Day with the sweet smell of roses in them and a red rose being drawn under the transparent fragrant coating as well. Regardless of where and when you use these, they will not fall short of surprising the receiver and bringing a smile on their faces.

Long Lasting Smells and Durable Sticky Adhesives

Go Stickers realize that the characteristic smell of the Scented Stickers that are the Scratch and Sniff Stickers, is supposed to last long and refresh itself with each scratch made to the surface of the smelly layer. To make them last the longest and not lose their smells anytime soon, we use the driest powder that forms the smelly layer and is held together by our state-of-the-art processing that passes certain charges through them and pulls all the material together until it is scratched. Additionally, the bottom layers of our Smelling Stickers are completely flat and we use top quality adhesives to make them stick the longest on your objects and surfaces that you plan to apply them on.

Accurate Designs and Attractive Wholesale Prices

While designing our special smelly stickers, we guarantee the most accurate designs of the smelly animal, foods or whatever items you chose. Our highly skilled sticker designers and highest tech cutting and designing equipment work together to deliver the most precise images that are topped off with accurate color printing to make them look the most attractive and accurate. Additionally, we provide the cheapest wholesale prices for our smelly Bulk Stickers for Teachers or for any other purpose that you might need them for. We use our specialized business channels to cut production costs and don’t compromise on quality one little bit.

Why Choose Us?

Buying Stickers in Bulk has never been better, Go Stickers provide all our sticker resellers clients the cheapest wholesale bulk prices that maximize profit margins while providing the best value for money offers and never compromising on product quality in any of the areas at all. Avail our fast and free delivery and don’t worry about having to pay the printing plates or the cutting die equipment charges when you do business with us. We work for a better tomorrow for us and our clients by providing a hassle-free today.

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