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Organizing daily activities is significant for practically everyone and especially for business or work-oriented people. Calendars are practically the most versatile and useful task organizing tools but every kind of table setting and portable surfaces cannot use calendars all the time. For situations like that, Calendar Stickers serve the purpose best and provide a very cheap alternative to traditional calendars for surfaces or places that cannot adjust a regular calendar in them. Go Stickers specialize in custom Calendar Reminder Stickers of all shapes, sizes and designs and we bundle in free doorstep fastest delivery along with nothing to pay for the printing plates or the cutting die equipment as well on bulk orders.

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Different Shapes and Accurate Designs

When it comes to designing our custom Calendar Stickers, Go Stickers can boast cutting die equipment of the latest specs that can cut all shapes and designs accurately. We provide the simplest minimalistic Mini Calendar Stickers and also the fanciest futuristic Calendar Holiday stickers with yearly holiday reminders highlighted in them. Our calendar decal stickers are produced for each specific surface in mind, and they fit the dimensions of that particular surface or object accurately just in the require shapes as well.

Calendar Stickers for Different Purposes

Go Stickers, being experts in the custom stickers industry; realise that Custom Calendar Stickers can be of use in many different varieties and purposes. We deliver our clients highest quality Calendar Reminder Stickers for the walls in extra large size where important reminders can be highlighted using their large sized boxes, Calendar Holiday stickers with all the yearly holiday times highlighted in them or other custom verities like Doctors Office calendar decals for various surfaces including counter tables or wall charts. We have options for any other required surfaces and purposes as well; if you have any specific custom needs, we will be happy to cater to them as well.

Highest Quality Materials and Durable Adhesives

Custom stickers like the purposeful calendar decal stickers are usually long-term based and required for up to a years time. Keeping that in mind, Go Stickers use only the highest quality composite materials for our calendar Event Stickers that make them water, humidity and temperatures proof making them one of the most durable sticker solutions you can ever wish for. Additionally, we ensure to use the highest quality residue free adhesives for our products that make them as easy to take off, as they are to stick on. They will provide you with the longest lasting flattest stick as long as you don’t remove them yourselves.

Attractive Designs and Affordable Wholesale Offers

Whether you want Google Calendar Stickers, Baby Calendar Stickers, formal calendar decals or funky design options, Go Stickers will provide you with the most suitable and appropriate designs for our custom sticker products. Our most expert team of sticker designers are able to deliver any required designs and the fully established sourcing, manufacturing and distribution channels that we have mastered over the decades of service in the industry, enable us to keep unit manufacturing costs to a minimum and offer our clients the most affordable wholesale prices that aim to expand their profit margins as much as possible.

Why Choose Us?

Go Stickers is the best choice for sticker resellers who plan to sell custom stickers including the calendar based stickers to their end customers. We deliver the highest quality in terms of product designs, materials, printing detail and quality and variety of products while providing the most attractive wholesale offers on all our products as well. If you are tired of paying extra for shipping and having to digest those additional hidden costs like the printing plates and the cutting die equipment charges in your invoices, try Go Stickers and we promise you will not regret your decision one little bit. Our aim is to develop longest lasting business relationships with our clients rather than focusing on short-term high-profit margins.

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