Tamper Evident Labels

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Tempered Evident Labels from Go Stickers provide you that peace of mind with secure shipping products with their custom thin Tempered Seal feature that breaks as soon as the packaging is opened. Expensive technology products or other similar products that have a warranty on them that goes void as soon as products are opened can benefit from our Tamper Evident Seals perfectly providing you the security you need. Our Custom Tamper Proof Sticker range is very secure and comes at cheapest wholesale prices along with free custom cutting and printing equipment as well on bulk orders. Free shipping is also offered on wholesale orders.

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Quick Longest Lasting Application

Other Temper Evident Security Labels from other suppliers take a long while for their Tamper Proof Seals to take effect, Go Stickers offer fool Proof Stickers that have the quickest application time making your tempered seals visible on the shipping products almost instantly. You don’t have to worry about heating our Temper Equivalent Labels up or performing any additional actions for the seal to get active, it's almost practical as soon as you stamp the labels on your products and will last as long as the product doesn’t get opened and the seal broken fulfilling its purpose efficiently. We give you the simplest yet most effective Anti Tamper Labels that you have always wanted for your

Shipping Products:

Support for Many Types of Custom Materials and Surfaces:

The perfect Customized Tamper Proof Stickers by Go Stickers are perfect for many types of materials and surfaces and support numerous shipping products from different industries. Our security Tags are perfect for your plain smooth wooden boxes, smooth paper envelopes, plastic packaging, metal containers or boxes, rubber packaging or even cardboard boxes. All these materials and surfaces are supported by our top quality tamper evident labels in all the required sizes and shapes including triangles, stripes, circles, rectangular or any other custom required shapes to suit the product packaging perfectly. Our sticker designers also offer free design help to help you with the perfect labels for your shipping needs.

High-Quality Printing, Die Cut Designs, and Cheap Wholesale

With our Custom Seals Stickers, Go Stickers make sure to use the most high tech printing equipment along with highest quality materials and most precise cutting die equipment that guarantee perfect tamper-evident seal stickers for all your custom shipping products with finest detail seal printing including “Void” text or other custom messages for customers and most accurate die-cut designs that suit your requirements most efficiently. Additionally, we deliver our perfect Temper Equivalent Labels at cheapest wholesale prices that provide our clients with the highest profit margins in the industry whilst delivering highest products quality at the same time.

Why Go Stickers?

For all the shipping and courier companies who want highest quality Tamper Evident Security Labels for all of their different custom packages, Go Stickers deliver the most reliable and quickest apply seal labels that provide them peace of mind with product safety and its sure delivery to the right intended clients. Our material quality, durability or fine finishing for the Tempered Seal labels is second to none and all that comes at cheapest wholesale prices along with free shipping and no costs to pay for the printing and cutting equipment as well. We deliver exactly what our clients expect from us and that is great service with outstanding products.

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