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Losing out business with a great product in tow? Not able to make the required margins? Well, if it is true then you must contact us at got stickers. Why? Because we are your magic wand to get more sales!

While you may believe that bad sales are the direct result of your product being not good enough we beg to differ. And we, at GoStickers certainly know better. The truth of the matter is that it may be simply the case of people not finding your packaging attractive. If the product you are trying to market is soap, shampoo or perfume, you should spare a keener eye to the details involving packaging.

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Soap is one of the most commonly used cleansing items in the world. It is also one of those toiletries that people are tempted to make at home. The recent trend in the retail market is that the consumers prefer to purchase homemade items more because of the organic raw materials that are used for their manufacturing. Whether homemade or industrial-made, the one thing that remains the same for both is the need for highly strong and reliable soap boxes. Without them, neither domestic nor industrial manufacturers can sell their commodities to the consumers. These cartons come in different shapes and sizes that the manufacturer can choose according to their need and choice. Moreover, many other personalization options are also available to make them more suitable for the items that are to be packed in them. 

Exciting Customization Ideas

These casings for the cleansing items are available at with a lot of exciting customization options. Whether you are a retailer, a home-based or a commercial manufacturer you can personalize these custom soap boxes according to your own choice. It will help you to make the packaging of your product more attractive, protective, and appropriate for the product. Some of the customization ideas are mentioned below but you can always try your ideas as well. 

Addition of a window: This customization option allows you to add a window to the package. This die-cut window will help you to get your product noticed by the consumers easily. Moreover, you can choose the style to make the cut of the window. At the addition of this die-cut window is completely free of cost. 

Choose the material: You can freely choose the manufacturing material for these casings. Not only that, but you can also pick the thickness of the material as well. 

Lamination of the package: This customization option is helpful to make the package extra secure and protective for the product. It protects the items from moisture as well as other environmental hazards such as dust and heat. 

At all these customizations along with many others are completely free of cost. We do not charge our customers for any customization including die, cut, and plate charges. 

Why Choose Us?

We have been delivering high-quality wholesale soap boxes to our esteemed clients for a long time and we are proud to claim that we have a long list of satisfied customers from all over the USA and Canada. 
Since Kraft is one of the most rigid packaging material of all, our Kraft soap boxes are one of the most wanted packaging solutions. They are popular among the manufacturers for their strength and customization-friendly nature. Apart from that, we make these containers for soap with other materials as well which include; cardboard stock, corrugated stock, and paper stock. You can choose the type of manufacturing material according to your own choice. 

No one prints better than us!

Being the premium printing and packaging manufacturing company, we claim that no one prints the packages better than us. Our up-to-date printing units work on the latest off-set printing style. The custom printed soap boxes that we make at are unmatchable in terms of quality of the material as well as the accuracy of the printing pattern. We understand that the package of a product is an ambassador of the manufacturing company that is why we make sure that your ambassador represents your company in a way that the buyers cannot get their eyes of the product unless they buy it. 
Our high-quality printing comes with another benefit for the manufacturers that is free design support. We provide free design support to our clients in order to share their burden of designing as we know how hectic it can be to design a packaging product. 

Quick Turnaround with Free Shipping

Time is money and we at perfectly understand the importance of it. That is why we make sure that each one of our customers gets the packaging of their items in the given timeframe. We not only claim to deliver in time but also make sure that this promise is fulfilled for every single order. 
Our dedicated and hardworking team of experts works tirelessly to make sure that all the customizations that you have mentioned for the custom soap packaging are met with precision and high-quality so that our customers can get the finest printing and packaging experience with us. 
Free shipping of custom soap boxes packaging is another trait that makes us unique among the others. We offer free shipping on as low as 100 pieces only. We make sure that every customer gets their soap boxes at the provided location within the given time and without paying a single penny for shipping charges. To avail the free delivery service, we encourage you to order soap boxes bulk quantity. 
For any further information or query, you can contact our customer care center where our team is ready to assist you round the clock. 

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