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Do you require Custom gift boxes to provide certain uniqueness to your business? Are you unsure as to whom to trust for such services? Then your worries are about to end since GoStickers are providing you with their custom gift box services.

We at GoStickers pride ourselves in solving any printing related problems that are faced by our customers. We exist to provide exquisite services to our customers. No matter what your preference is we always deliver what you expect of us. All you need to do is to state your mind clearly to us, that is, the specific material that you require for your gift box or the print of the box and we will make it happen. We will take your ideas and develop it into what you had envisioned. You can select the specific shape or size you want your box to be; we will bring it to life.

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Occasions like birthdays, weddings, valentines, Christmas, Anniversaries, Dates, and many other events require one simple act to surprise or to make the other person happy. It is usually the host who receives gifts and gift-giving is a culture that is followed by everyone. The kinds of gifts differ from places to places, but the idea behind giving one is still all the same, which is to show affection, love, and care towards the other person. Another thing which makes both the giver and the receiver happy is the element of surprise while giving the gift. It is surprising for a receiver to unwrap a gift and see what is in it. No matter the kind of gift it might be, the element of surprise always makes it worthwhile.
For these elements of surprises and for a better outlook of a gift, gift box was introduced. These are sturdy, keeps the gifts safe inside, and enhance the value of the gift itself.

Why do you need a gift case?

The reason why traditional wrapping is losing its charm is because of it being unsafe and just simple. The reason for being unsafe is that these packaging are not covered by hard boxes which ensure the safety of the product inside and the traditional wrapping do not come up with the cushioning material inside. Thus, making them insecure for expensive and fragile gifts. 
 The reason why they are simple is because they are simple. They are just wrappers wrapped around the product losing the element of surprise too. Although there was a time when these packaging ideas were known to be innovative, time changes it all. Therefore, the use of gift cases is the best idea to make sure the host loves it.
What’s good in it for business?
Everyone around the world loves these boxes. The surprise box is the sole reason for the sales of this packaging style. It is in the nature of people to get attracted to the outlooks of anything, and the same is the case with these gift boxes. These increase the shelf value, and people get attracted to this packaging style on an instant. They are catchy and smart, hence is the reason why businesses, packaging companies, and the suppliers should opt this idea of boxing to make sure that their sales reach the top charts and they definitely will.

The Things we offer

At we offer various packaging styles for these type of boxes. We offer exquisite and outstanding designs with the utmost printing quality. We also offer a variety of materials to choose from for the packaging of these items.
Design options:
There are several design options to choose from at our website for the order of your favorite type of gift cases. The reason why we stand out in terms of designs is because of our experienced designers who work out their efforts to produce original standout designs to add in our templates for you to choose from. Yes, we offer the easily editable template for the designing of your customized gift boxes.
Printing styles:
Another important reason of note for us to stand out from the rest of our competitors is our customized printing option through the easy already existing template on our website. We make sure that you get all the ease that we can offer you while selecting the kind of prints, and what to print, on your present favorite box. Moreover, we also make sure that we use the best quality ink and printers to make imprints on these boxes which stay put forever.

Material Choice:

The best kind of boxes is created by the use of sturdy paperboard or the corrugated fireboard. But we offer all kinds of materials that are used in the manufacturing of your favorite box, from small gift boxes to the large ones. We make everything from the best quality material.
The main reason why people choose us and you should too is because of our easy customization and our competitive prices.
Our already available templates make sure that you have peace of mind while editing the designs, prints, and the material for the manufacturing process. It is very easy to edit the templates as everything is already done for you. You just have to follow our lead through, and we will take care of the rest.
We stand out to excel and to satisfy our customers. And for this reason, we price our items at a very competitive price from the rest of the vendors in the market. We are not here just for the sake of exceptional profits, but we are here for our customer satisfaction too.

Reasons for our Success

One of the most important reasons why we are a success is not just because of the competitive pricing and extraordinary designs. The main reason is because of our smooth communication in the workplace environment. We play as one team, respect our customers, deliver our promises, and minimize our turnout time to get the most successful.
Working and playing as one team has a lot of benefits. It minimizes the chances of misunderstanding, which makes sure that we work smoothly and in an efficient manner. We communicate a lot. Let’s take a look of how we deliver you your products for example;
As soon as we take an order from you, we transfer it to the department which is responsible for the designing and the manufacturing. We do not just stop at that point; we make sure to enquire about the order from that department all along and ask them if everything is going as planned or not. On the other hand, our quality assurance personnel takes it as their duty to double-check the products after they are made. And right after the request of your order is completed, we ship it to you. But again, we do not stop there too. We ask you if you got your order and liked it or not, your reviews matter a lot to us. This is how we know ourselves to be smooth through communication.
There is no real reason why we respect our customers; it is not our duty. But it is in our ethics to do so, making sure that your needs are getting fulfilled is our first priority. Thus, we make sure to treat you in the best ways possible.
As told earlier, the process of manufacturing and delivering your present favorite box is efficient. Therefore, we can say that we are good at minimizing our turnout time.

The Services we don't charge for

At, we make sure that we facilitate our customers in the best possible ways to make sure that their costs reduce while the purchase of items through contacting us.
First is the customization factor. We never charge for any kind of edits in designs, styles or any extra charges for the printing services. We offer customization for free, and that is why we have the edge over our competitors. Getting the best quality edits which are costing you nothing sounds cool doesn’t it?
In addition to this, we do not charge for the shipping services of orders more than 100. We generally take orders in between a 100 and 10,000 and ship them for free all across the USA and Canada. Though the charges will be applied for orders from other countries.
You can contact us by reaching us out through Our easy user interface on the website will guide you through the details of our company. You can always fill in with your questions regarding the packaging by contacting our customer care service that is available 24/7 just for you.

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