Guide to Choose Best Bakery Boxes For your BusinessPosted On: Oct-30-2018  By: mike

Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder; so is the beauty of cake in its presentation. Cake tastes beautiful when it is creatively presented. To make sure consumers remain loyal to your brand, the packaging should be persuasive enough to maintain and attract customers. To achieve this, bakery boxes are designed to keep the freshness of the products and made unique and beautiful for consumers to love and adore. The market is changing fast forcing consumers to be conscious of packages that come with products. This means that bakery owners have no choice but to adopt innovative ways that make their packaging distinct.

The world has experienced a fair share of advanced technology. Consumers are now more than ever able to share product images and descriptions at the click of a button. Small bakery businesses can’t afford to ignore colorful and attractive cake boxes to fulfill their customer expectations. There are countless bakery brands in the market that makes it hard for small bakery businesses to win brand recognition and loyalty. To outwit the stiff competition, bakery businesses are obliged to provide proficient and exciting box packages to command their market niche. The right packaging box for cakes and confectionaries are designed clearly indicating product information such as shape, colors with all specifications.
Correct packaging helps you to succeed in delivering your orders with precision.

Why Choose Our Custom Bakery Boxes

Spectacular customized designs
Our custom bakery packaging is exclusively designed to upscale your cakes and confectionaries packaging experience. We provide packaging that give your fresh bakery products unique and aesthetically pleasing. They are made to highly complement bakery creations for tasty treat! We craft and develop bakery boxes specific to each customer’s requirements. Be sure to get the best customized packaging designs to fit your needs perfectly. Our talented team together with high-tech methods will produce package boxes beyond your expectations.

Quality and eco-friendly materials
Our professionals are exceptionally trained to offer you full customization when it comes to shapes, colors, sizes to make your product look like they belong to the package further reflecting your brand. We give you quality packaging solutions that meet industry specifics. Materials used to make the boxes are pinpointed from best available in the market. We use affordable and eco-friendly materials that is easy to dispose after use. Combined with our unmatched expertise, we make boxes that give your baked cakes and pastries desired presentations in the market.

High-quality and cost-effective boxes
We are devoted to our customer’s satisfaction. Boxes you get from are made with quality in mind to keep your creative bakery creations fresh and alive to reach customers without compromise. Materials we use to make the boxes are certified in the food industry and proven fit to enclose food items. We do not comprise quality. The talented team of staff we have will draft, design and print bakery boxes according to specifications and needs. Our standby qualified graphic designers have the ability to create a beautiful logo, engrave your business details matching all these with your colorful theme to allow your bakery products to shine and sparkle on the display. To reward you even more, our price range is exciting to you want to place order immediately! We understand high cost may hinder you from accessing the best in the market.

Wide varieties of choices
Our store has everything for everyone! We strive to give you a wide selection of bakery boxes regardless of shapes, sizes, colors or designs. The only thing you have to do is mention to us what you need and we deliver exactly that. I welcome you to sample some of the best designs we have for you on our website.

Our style features some of the best cakes and pastries the latest packaging technology in the industry. The boxes are developed by the team that has extensive marketing and design experience making sure you drive your business vision and reaches your market positioning.

To mention a few, we have boxes with twisted paper handles, pattern printed gables, wedding gift boxes, luxury wedding favor boxes, custom printed donut boxes, drawer paper boxes, tapered top boxes, box bottom kraft boxes, octagon cut pastry boxes, pillow caramel boxes, brown take out gable boxes, folding cake pastry boxes, matte laminated cake boxes with fancy handles, PVC window cake boxes with beautiful handles, round and oval-shaped cake boxes, flip to cake boxes with clear windows, metallic cake boxes among many others.

Cost-free marketing/publicity.
We design your bakery and confectionary boxes using fine and visible graphics. When your clients place orders for their special occasions such as weddings, this becomes the greatest opportunity for you to market your brand. With your business logo, product details and information clearly indicated; people will be able to know about your bakery business and the services you offer. The trendy and fashionable boxes we offer you are printed to reach a wide network of potential customers especially during such marvelous moments like birthday parties. They help you to get noticed at a glance.

Free design, timely delivery plus expert advice

To acquire the right design for your cakes and confectionaries packaging, we go beyond our borders to come up with latest designs and box layouts to fully meet your needs. Professionalism is our slogan let alone our timely delivery of your orders. The expert team works around the clock because you deserve the best boxes in the shortest duration possible. It has been our norm for decades to provide our customers with sufficient expert advice before we commence on your project. This is important for you to understand exactly the types of services we offer enables us to match what you need for your bakery business.

Best ideas When Selecting the Cake, Pastry and Donut Boxes

Simple with a personal touch
To spike up your bakery presentation, a simple box that brings out a warm feeling is highly recommended. Simplicity is the new form of sophistication as they say. It’s a perfect idea to make boxes that have custom messages for instance; bakery products produced for special events contain names of clients not leaving out business information. Dressing up the presentation is the key here to winning your customers. Thinking about the package finishing is also very important. A simple box with rare finishing attracts the attention adding the much deserved exciting experience for your customers.
- Look for visually appealing designs.

Uniquely branded bakery, pastry, and donut packaging go a long way to determine your sales revenue. Your professionally crafted bakery products ought to have high-visibility and be able to spot from any angle by customers. To achieve this, freshness technology is applied to give the products a great visual appeal. Seeing is believing and most customers will make buying decision depending on the visual appeal of your packaged bakery products. What I mean by this, high-impact graphics technology is utilized. Together with eye-catchy colors that immediately attract the potential buyers.

Elegant with rarely used colors
You need to look for ideas not common with your competitors. Elegance is what most consumers go for. Bakery produce are packed to entice customers to pick the product without a second thought. Employ the use of rarely used colors that blend well with the product. Colors that blend awesomely with the product itself is a thumb up! For example, adding a matching color inside the package adds a splash of delightful experience to the product putting you a head of competition.

Informative and easy to assemble
Make sure that that the bakery packaging you choose to enclose your products tell it all to your customers. Including correct product descriptions, ingredients and any other vital information are vital for maximum sale. Apart from this, the boxes you opt for should take the shortest time to assemble and open. Customers get frustrated by complicated packaging that gives them a hard time opening.

Eco-friendly and easy to transport
Always go for boxes made from recyclable materials proved safe for food items packaging. This is to avoid product contamination that may cost your bakery business extra money. You should also encourage your customers to recycle the packaging after use if need be. More so, go for packaging that will delightfully enclose your products for smooth transportation. Product movement especially during distribution if not packed accordingly may experience damages giving you a huge loss.

Types of Baker Boxes We Have in Store for you

Best bakery boxes are glamorous and able to seal cakes and confectionaries perfectly to reach the intended customers. Whether you need durable boxes for your sweet and tasty cupcakes, sponge cakes, birthday gift cakes, fruit cakes; just mention what you require we have it all for you. We have the most developed bakery boxes in the industry. To showcase your bakery products, we have the following types of boxes for you.

Designer Bakery Boxes
This type is for bakery businesses that fully understand beauty and class! Our hardworking team of designers will make excellent box designs strictly following your specifications and measurements. They make custom designs that will make fancy designs that will make your customers yearn for more!

Colorful Donut Boxes
Boxes we design for your fresh donuts are meant to help you show off your various kinds of donuts. They come fully loaded with irresistible colors to amuse your customers. With this quality donut boxes, you will be amazed by positive feedbacks you receive from your customers. Be sure to get your customers talking about your donuts.

Black Bakery Boxes
These extra black and glossy bakery boxes will totally fulfill your packaging needs. They are very stunning and no doubt the best packaging solution in the market. They are fully recyclable and durable to deliver your bakery products directly to your customers. Glossy black color brings out the best in your baked products making the finest choice for cake and pastry lovers.

Sparkling White Bakery Boxes
This is the blank canvas to include all your details on your products. They are customized to include your logo and company information clearly indicating the product descriptions together with impressive designs. You get boxes with attractive design structure and amazing tensile strength to accommodate the product weight. Choose from various sizes, shapes and appealing designs.

Premium Pie Boxes
We have compiled various pie boxes just for you. Imagine a box package able to transform how customers perceive your baked ornaments? They make pie admirers to look up to your business for satisfaction! The pie boxes come with a twisted new style that makes your competitors envy your service.

Pastry and sheet Cake Boxes
This amazing cake and pastry boxes will allow your carefully baked cakes to earn the credit they deserve. The boxes are generously made to attract and please your consumers. It is a fact a great number of people treasure beautiful cakes. Shoppers will be more than delighted to pick your cake products having this type of package.


Packaging material guidance for bakery products

Our team of professionals will be more than glad to offer assistance on the best materials for packaging and distributing your quality bakery products. With our help, you will get the best personalized and eye-catching bakery boxes to help you win more clients. To come up with delicious packing boxes, you should make sure the materials are both qualities, durable and able to catch the attention of buyers for the products to sell. Simply choose materials that will allow you to design boxes that will appeal to the appetite of consumers making them want to have a bite of that sweet cake on the shelf.

Are you aware that product packaging and branding may cause a divergence between perceived value and price of your product? That is absolutely the truth of the matter! Consumers are looking for conveniently packaged bakery products that can maintain quality and freshness even after opening. This suggests that materials used to make the boxes have to achieve this quality. Take a keen look at the materials suggestions we have for you.

Cardboard based materials
Cardboard materials that have a strong structure is a better choice. This material allows the business to craft messages that deepen customer experience. Cardboard materials are suitable for fast moving cakes, biscuits, cupcakes, and cookies.

Environmentally fit materials
To enhance the look of your packaging, use materials that are rendered safe for the environment and also suitable for food items. Most consumers are conscious about the environment and only buy products made from easily available materials in nature.

Materials with light-weight structure
Heavy materials boxes may scare aware potential customers. People are impressed by packaging that is light-weight and easy to carry around.

Materials with a soft texture
Consumers normally touch products to feel the texture. Soft texture is preferred especially for fancy bakery products.

Why Bakery Packaging Design Matters

Packaging performs more than simply enclosing the product. It communicates the message about the product and the brand. The box design should match well with the branding objectives of the business. Packaging design is key element of marketing strategy. It is the visual face of the product to consumers.

A good bakery box design is produced to directly communicate with customers and create connection. The design is expected to maximize product awareness and drive sales. Packaging design is intended to increase human interaction with the product during purchase and consumption.

Great designs such as cake boxes with handles may increase interactions with consumers. It is a good idea to develop packaging designs with appropriate shapes, sizes and colors using affordable materials. The design should be low cost easy to print and recycle.
Consumers are increasingly concerned with the environmental impact of their actions. This means that the design structures of these boxes should allow for easy disposal. Packaging design is vital part of communication mix for most brands. The best design brings the better part of advertising, marketing and the whole public relations agenda of the business.

Successful packaging design identifies the target audience that the product will appeal to. Bakery box design is the differentiating factor on whether your baked products will be noticed in the market or not.

How our custom bakery boxes help Your Marketing

We have developed custom boxes with attractive images and colors with clear company information to market your bakery products. The market is becoming global which means your packaging should be creative and unique to attract attention of your target audience. Our custom packaging boxes help you to improve your brand values and the perception of your products among the competitors.

We offer your firm structured boxes with correct dimensions intertwined with appealing graphics to bring customer closer to you. The fonts and texts we use are easy to read meaning customers can have a glimpse of the products much easier than before. With your company logo and slogan nicely indicated, it makes them the perfect solution for your bakery business. We are original with our ideas and designs and we make sure the boxes we provide will make enhance your brand recognition and customers will always seek your products. Communication is the best part of marketing your line of products. We have designed our boxes with this in mind to reach your potential customers as you market your name in highly competitive market.