Serial Number Labels

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Serial numbers and barcodes are some of the most useful tracking indicators in the packaging industry used widely all over the world and for all types of products. Go Stickers offer some of highest quality Serial Labels manufactured from durable and long lasting materials that are perfect for the most extreme conditions as well. Our Serial Number Labels have the most clear and readable barcode printing on them that offer easy scanning along with Numbered Tags to make delivery much organized and easy. Get your Serial Number Stickers delivered right to your doorstep fast and free on wholesale orders and never have to pay for the printing and cutting equipment as well on bulk orders.
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Available in Custom Sizes and Shapes

Packaging boxes or products come in different sizes ranging from small to extra large and require Custom Asset Tags that are the Serial Number tags in different suitable sizes as well, Go Stickers deliver Numbered Tags with serial numbers on them in all the required sizes including the micro size ones suitable for the smallest of boxes and products and the extra large ones that are aimed for bigger boxes or even crates of products. Whatever custom sizes or shapes you require our Custom Business Labels in, we will deliver the most suitable solutions that will fulfill all your requirements most efficiently.

Tear-Proof Durable Materials

Serial Number Barcode stickers are usually stuck on the outside of product packaging and are prone to all kinds of scratches or mishandlings, Go Stickers make sure to use top quality tear proof materials that make our Number Labels perfectly durable and longest lasting even when being used on boxes or crates placed among other sharp objects or surfaces. The materials we use in our Serial Tags don’t lose their shine and finish for the longest time possible and have very clear and precise serial numbers or barcodes printed on them that makes them ideal for the shipping and distribution industry.

High-Quality Printing Perfect for Different Surfaces

Go Stickers deliver serial labels that are made specifically for different objects and their surfaces, Serial Number Plates labels, Permanent Stickers for Metal surfaces or barcode label stickers for any other custom surfaces are all our specialties and we deliver solutions that provide the most perfect fit and longest lasting product characteristics regardless of how and where they will be used. Our perfect serial number labels come at cheapest wholesale prices in the market as well enabling you to have the highest profit margins with them for reselling or bulk purchase orders. If you have any specific usage scenario with different set of requirements, be sure to communicate with us and our expert label sticker designers will tend to them in the most efficient manner.

Why Go Stickers?

For serial number sticker labels resellers or product manufacturers or retailers who want their custom sticker labels in bulk numbers at cheapest wholesale prices with highest profit margins on them, Go Stickers deliver the most satisfying product quality along with all the precise requirements and details. We deliver our products fast and free on wholesale orders along with free printing and cutting equipment. We aim to develop solid long lasting business relationships with our clients through highest quality product delivery and cheapest wholesale prices.

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