Everything You Need to Know About Waxed CardboardPosted On: Aug-26-2018  By: mike

Everything You Need to Know About Waxed Cardboard

 This is corrugated and multi-layered cardboard nicely lined with polythene to prevent it from getting squashy. Waxed cards are manly used for shipping products. They are suitable for fresh produce packaging. Waxed cardboards are much more stronger and offer effective moisture barrier to protect the products inside. This type of cardboard is intended for refrigeration purposes and perishable goods and products. Wax is used in food packaging materials due to its moisture barrier characteristics. They highly reduce the moisture loss of wet products as well as preventing dry food products from environmental moisture.

Waxed cardboards have a polythene lining and are mostly used by retailers to ship or sell goods. The cardboard is the ultimate match for frozen foodstuffs and vegetables. Wax is added to cardboards to make them especially suited to cool room storage facilities. Wax adds about 10-15 percent increase in box compression strength and increased performance under humidity conditions. Adding this unique feature makes the cardboards water resistance, reduce water wicking tendencies and absorption, render them lightweight and eco-friendly. The wax is applied on the top or inside the cardboard giving them unmatched quality in the industry.

This professionally waxed cardboards are available in various appealing designs, sizes and shapes combined with accurate dimensions to suit products even better.
These waxed cardboards are made from highest grade paper materials and come with superior design and quality and several specifications depending on the requirements of the client. The waxed cardboards come handy for transportation and storage of ice cream, fresh milk, meat, juices, and products that go bad quickly. Waxed cardboards are made from renewable resources from nature. Statistics indicate that by February 2018, national carton recycling rate was 59 percent from 26 percent in the year 2008. This means that the process of producing waxed cardboards not only conserve energy and natural resources; it also protects the environment reducing strain on natural resources.

These cardboards are long lasting and suitable for a wide variety of uses. What is impressive about the waxed cardboard, the company logo and elements can be printed to create an attractive package that highlights the company and the products. The cardboard is customized offering sample designs for your consideration.

Waxed Cardboard Usage

Waxed cardboards have numerous applications in the packaging industry. Waxed cardboards are used to pack juice, milk, soup, broth, and wine. They are also designed for hot beverages such as disposable cups used in coffee businesses. Fast food outlets use them as well. The cardboards also fit perfectly for tableware such as those used in picnics and special events. Takeout containers such as those used by your favorite restaurants and hotels prefer waxed cardboards. The cardboards also serve the majority of frozen food items.

Methods of Wax Application 

This award winning waxed cardboards achieve their finest quality under various wax application methods. The expert wax application ensures the products reach their destinations regardless of weather conditions. To widen further the capabilities of the cardboard packaging manufacturers have devised genius methods to fulfil water-resistance requirements from customers. These include laminating the cardboard using thin polythene film, spraying the interior plastic coating to the cardboard, impregnating the with wax coating and finally applying cascading method which saturates the entire cardboard with wax substance. Quality wax used is always petroleum-based. Polythene used for lamination is usually of low-density thus vapor corrosion exhibitors is sprayed to protect products especially for metallic items.

In case of corrugated cardboards, only the outer sheets are impregnated by paraffin wax blend. It is also made using a cascading method where the wax is allowed to pass through the corrugated layer and the exterior flat sheets covering a large surface of the corrugated cardboard.

All these sophisticated method designs of waxing cardboards improve their water repellant properties increasing their mechanical resistance.

Waxed Cardboards Benefits

Wax coating eliminates chances of products being returned due go damage or the need for secondary packaging that might cost the business extra expenses. Besides reducing packaging time significantly boosting productivity, cardboards waxing offer flexible packaging solutions to a wide variety of products. Cardboard waxing has a great number of benefits not only to consumers but also for manufacturers.
Waxed cardboards reduce scratches caused by abrasion minimizing product rejection and returns.

Eliminates the need for secondary product packaging by greatly reducing packing time improving performance.

The waxed boards are convenient for packaging numerous range of products such as glass, metals and plastics.

Wax application reduces perforation of gas-packed products reducing any possible chances of spoilage, returns and written off stock.

They are suitable for use as slip sheets due to their toughness and durability.
Safe to handle, fully recyclable with minimal disposal cost.

Come with an improved margin through overprinting of company logo and information and creative structural designs. Offering you highly-printed and vanished pack

They allow manufacturers to offer a wide variety of products with a potential for up and cross selling.

Waxed cardboards are manufactured to the highest international standards ensuring the highest quality standards boosting repeat businesses for manufacturers.

With increasing market competitiveness, the aesthetics of products is paramount. The market does not condone scratched or deformed products. This might have a detrimental effects on sales plus additional costs associated with product returns due to writing off manufacturers to provide their customers with competitive pricing regardless of the sizes of their orders.

Waxed cardboard is being improved even further adding even a greater value. Statistics indicate that value added by the cardboard industry was about 58.6 billion dollars in the USA in the year 2016 a figure that has escalated since then. Better waxed cardboard means better returns for manufacturers which translates to improved customer satisfaction.