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It is not enough to create a quality product which will blow away your customers; nowadays, you will have to think about how to present it to your buyers. Now, it has become necessary to pack it in a way that will draw the attention of the buyers. The use of pillow boxes for packing has gained some popularity in this area.

The method of packing a product just for the sake of packing has been done away with. The product, these days, are wrapped within a package that contains the name and location of its sellers. They are used as a tool for marketing the brand of your company. The pillow gift boxes have enough space for you to put the logo of your company on it.

You can choose the size and the design of your choice when you order these custom made pillow boxes. It can be large or small depending on the product that you are selling. Although there are various colors and design available for these pillows, the white pillow boxes are the ones that look the most elegant among others. You can also embellish them with designs that will make it more appealing to your buyers.

The kraft pillow boxes are robust and guarantee that the product resting within it will remain safe during the shipping of it. The flaps of these boxes are so arranged that they do not need adhesives to stay shut. The flaps are tucked into one another and remain like that until the buyers pull them out. These are available in various sizes and you can choose the size that you think will best cover your product. It is also available in many colors.

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The exchange of items to impress someone or to make someone feel special is the reason why gifts exist. There are various packaging styles for gifts to enhance the value and the outlook of the gifts. One of the most popular packaging styles for items not just for gifts but for the purpose of decorations is the pillow box.
This casings style is one of the most adopted ways to give gifts in for obvious reasons. The glossy effect pillow boxes make sure that there is much-added value on the gift. These are used in parties, wedding, birthdays and on events like Christmas. The exotic look that they give to the event is enough for their existence.
These boxes play a vital role for the suppliers and wholesalers in increasing sales too. The demand for this boxing style for products like chocolates, sweets, candies, clothes, jewelry, and toys is at large; thus, the reason for the ever-increasing demand for these boxes.

How we play an important part?

Various beautiful abstract designs with several different colors, outclass printing strategies with the best quality ink and the various different types of materials of utmost quality are the reasons for our existence here at www.gostickers.us. Our custom pillow boxes are always known to be one of a kind in all of the packaging industry.
The first reason in order to make us stand out from the rest of the market that is dealing in these products is our highly qualified designers who make sure to update the new and innovative designs every now and then. Therefore, we can say that our designs are our own.
We can lend these designing services to your business to make sure that your name excels in the market along with ours with the innovative designs that we are offering at www.gostickers.us.
Secondly, it is our printing services that set the benchmark of quality. You will know for yourself after getting our services about our print quality as we use the best inks and printers to imprint them on the packaging material for these custom pillow box packaging.
Lastly, it is the quality of material that we used for the packaging. We offer high-quality materials in plastic, cardboard, paperboard, or the universally known Kraft paper in the manufacturing of these boxes.
The real reason why we think of ourselves as to stand out is the free use of customization. When it comes to the printing and designing of the packages, we charge nothing at all to make sure that you get the maximum profits by using our custom made boxes. Moreover, our easy customization through the templates gives us an edge over our competitors. We use simple templates that are designed by our designers. These templates can be edited in very simple ways. Options to select colors, sizes, material, designs, and prints are all given just clicks away from you. Our easy editing and designing option makes us better than all of our competitors.
Using a Pillow box is the best way to increase your shelf value of the product. This packaging style is always known to grab the attention of consumers. The added value is by using our services to make sure you get the perfect packages to boost up your product sales, but also the sales of your supply business.
We take orders starting from a minimum of 100 and at a maximum number of 10,000 articles.
Easy access to our website, outstanding print quality, the best material, and the easy designing through our customizations are reasons enough to compel you into making us your personal vendor to get the best services.

Work Process

We make sure that we perform efficiently in every way possible to fulfill the needs of our customers on time and exactly as per their demands. That is why we make sure that our workplace is healthy and well-organized for the maximum output and for best reviews by our customers.
As soon as we receive an order after the customization of the package, we transfer your request forward to the department that is responsible for the designs and manufacturing of the package. Larger the number of packages you want, the more efficient we get. Our manufacturers, along with the quality control personnel, make sure that each and every package is as perfect as the rest of them.
After that, we forward these plain packages to the printing department if you ordered any prints on it too. Once your order is completed, the quality assurance personnel makes sure that everything is perfect, and a double-check for the count is done.
As soon as everything is done, we make sure that your order gets delivered to you as fast as possible. We also make sure to replace the pillow gift box in case of any kind of damage during the shipping. Orders across the USA and Canada will take days, but the orders other than these countries can take up to a week too.
It is in our code of ethics to treat our customers in the best of ways. We make sure that we respond to everything that you ask us or suggest us and it is known by all of our customers that we treat you like we treat our bosses, with respect and by doing what you tell us to.

Another important Feature

Another advantage of using our service is to get free shipping of products all over the USA and Canada. Although the charges to deliver other than in these regions will be applied.

Company Details

We can be contacted easily by visiting on our website that is www.gostickers.us. Our “about us” tab will provide you with every detail of our company. Moreover, you can contact our customer care service that is ready for your questions and queries 24/7.

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