A Comprehensive Guide to Choose Best Apparel BoxesPosted On: Oct-30-2018  By: Mike

These gift boxes made from cardboard, chipboard or even recyclable fiberboard materials that are used by retailers to enhance packaging experience of their experience. The boxes come with the full bottom with the lid that is very easy to assemble during packaging. The boxes come with two pop up pieces making them ideal for fast moving merchandise. The boxes are custom printed with perfect die-cut and available in all shapes and sizes. They are made with various combinations of finishing options such as matte, glossy, aqueous coating or spot UV.

Apparel boxes are exquisite and eye-catching intended to lure customers to associate with your brand. The boxes are highly customized with company logo with all the information concerning your products and the brand you want to display to your customers. You will find these apparel boxes extremely useful for your garments and clothing lines. It offers you custom packaging that exactly suit the needs of your customers. It is the most refined packaging style that has sparked trends that is spreading fast among retailers. The boxes are custom made and developed for various uses in the market.

Apparel Box Usages
Apparel boxes are providing personalized packaging solutions to businesses across the world. They are the smartest choice that will give you confidence as a retailer to present your products to customers proudly.

Iconic products packaging
The boxes are used to pack novelty products that are both expensive and elegant. The boxes are custom made for various products, especially in the clothes industry. These are high-end and fragile goods that deserve some class! This quality of packaging targets wealthy individuals who pay handsomely for these quality and attractive products. Due to this, it’s not an option but to package the goods in a colorful and attractive style.

Used as gift boxes

These are the perfect box for packaging linens, shirts, or any other gift items for families, friends, and colleagues. They come with a variety of colors and impressive finishing your product will look spectacular and very expensive. The boxes are created in one piece making them convenient and amazingly easy to wrap that precious gift for those you care for.

Apparel box for marketing your products and brand
These folding boxes are designed to improve your image in the market. Consumers are always on their toes to find quality and creatively packed products. The boxes are custom printed with your business information such as company name, contact information, as well as with a clear outline of product descriptions. With this crucial information, you will be able to get the attention of customers promoting your chances of being noticed. Proper product descriptions and information is all that customers require to make a purchase decision. This means that for your products to move quickly in the market, products should communicate the benefits and have shelf appeal to grab the attention of customers

Used to enhance the look of food packages

To showcase the food items creatively, apparel boxes come in handy. They may be used to decorate cakes, pies and applied in grocery stores. Food items move very fast and will only gain that desired appeal if packed using these attractive apparel boxes. The boxes are designed with a clear window to that enable customers to view products before purchase.

Various Types of Apparel Boxes

Our two-piece folding boxes come with nice fit bottom lid to hold your products excellently to eliminate any possible damages. To save you time and money, we have designed and developed advanced and fancy types of boxes to put you on top of the competition. Apparel boxes are the cream of modern packaging if you are looking for style and splendor

Rigid apparel boxes
Professional packaging provides a better platform on which to communicate product and brand information. Rigid boxes are light-weight, firm and usually used to pack luxury products. It is simply a quality paper wrap applied to the exterior of the apparel box to strengthen the structure. They are available in proper dimensions and proportions to give your customers maximum shopping experience. These types of boxes are not made to fold as they are designed to hold heavy goods to provide extra support.

Corrugated apparel boxes
This type of box is mostly used to ship products. It is carefully made from recycled paperboards that are both durable to sustain the storage needs of your products. It has been formulated to be consistent with your marketing agenda. We understand consumers are in need of green packaging solutions the main reason we offer these eco-obvious corrugated apparel boxes. I am sure you want your customers to have an accurate perception of your products and brands in the market? Sustainable materials we have used has minimized wastes making them the most affordable apparel boxes to hold your products.

Our experience allows us to deliver packaging results that will deliver the quickest results for your business.

Refined gift boxes
These type of apparel boxes are purely made from sustainable resources from nature. As the name suggests, they are used to package items as gifts for customers. They are customized with great color choices, shapes and sizes to fit the needs of customers. Businesses offering gift wraps will find these type of apparel boxes hard to ignore. The custom print we give to you guarantee satisfaction that can only come from us! Stay calm, our prices are flexible to give you a chance to improve your services to your adored customers.

Folding apparel boxes
These type of boxes are no doubt the most common when it comes to packaging. They are cost effective and easily assembled to allow compact storage. The boxes are ideal for light-weight products. They are appropriate for cosmetics and most health products. If durability and style are what you endeavor to achieve, this is the right solution for you.

Thermoform/blister apparel box
This is a clear mold piece artfully designed to pack products. It is made using fine graphics together with company details. This type allows customers to have a partial view of the products before buying. With a wide variety to choose from, you will be amazed at how your goods will command recognition in the market. Whether you want a pre-formed or a shell, we have it all. They are air-tight and securely sealed or offer full protection for your products.

To exactly match your needs better, we create two types of blister package design to suit your products.

Face seal blister. This is the most common type for heavier products.
Full face seal blister. The only difference is, the face extends to the face of the box. This is to reinforce strength and durability with enhanced corners.

How Our Custom Apparel Boxes Enhance Your Branding

With our endless box customization options, we have the ability to create a package to suit your diverse product line. We ensure the boxes we make remain intact throughout transportation to reach customers safely. Branding simply means the perception and quality value you want people to have concerning your brand. Our apparel boxes allow you to take full ownership of your brand as customers interact with the products we offer.
The modern market is so crowded with so many curated assortments of products offered to consumers. This has made it difficult for retailers to achieve complete brand differentiation. This means that for your products to remain noticeable, you have the obligation of providing exceptionally personalized and unique package designs on regular basis. Consumers will only remain true to your brand if you can be able to offer special products distinct from the competition.

Statistically speaking, about 40 percent of consumers will only share the product’s images that are appealing and portray beauty. Customers need to be surprised and excited by the package design. Types of packaging design should aim to give customers enough experience to keep talking about your products and brand. Consumers are on the lookout for packaging that will assist them to make the best choice for products.

Shoppers are more than before curious about new brands, product’s ingredients and descriptions, colors, as well as the packaging designs. This suggests that for retailers to retain and acquire new customers, they need to offer a rare type of packaging that is ahead of time. Through the use of apparel packaging boxes, you are able to create a unique customer experience that is memorable and long-lasting.

Your package is expected to have a direct touch point connection with consumers. Consumer purchasing habits are shifting becoming very difficult to predict. Brand and products presentation is becoming highly thoughtful. What do I mean by this? This translates to giving customers a more value-added as much as packaging is concerned. Our boxes are custom built to give consumers products with personal style.

The apparel branded boxes help you to meet and exceed customer expectations with your packaging. They are made to cause residual marketing effect across all social platforms. They are the main loyalty drivers from customers that will create brand awareness. Convincing, right? People like sharing great experiences and with the right type of box on your disposal, you will be able to command the market as if it was your playground! We present you the opportunity to create that wow unboxing experience with our colorfully printed apparel boxes. Make the choice today, don’t be left behind.

Factors To Consider When Buying Apparel Boxes
Consumer buying behaviors affect their final buying decision. This is highly influenced by both mental and social processes. Consumer buying behaviors follow three major steps, namely: recognizing the product offered, finding information about the product, exploring alternative decision and finally making the final buying decision. Same applies when buying these durable and quality apparel boxes.

Price of the apparel boxes
Price of these boxes is the major factor affecting consumer’s buying decision. Price has the ability to create or break a sale. However, no need to worry. We have the best apparel boxes that are very affordable for you.

Quality of apparel boxes
Quality matters a lot when it comes to getting the boxes for your packaging needs. You want your customers to have maximum quality packaging. When you are purchasing apparel boxes, look for the best quality available. We have gone beyond our borders to give you quality boxes you will never find anywhere else.

Convenient and efficient Boxes
Make sure to look for the most efficient and convenient boxes for your customers. The boxes you are purchasing ought to match the products you are selling.

Box Warranty
Manufacturers give different warranty period for various products. Go for the boxes with the best warranty terms and period that will serve you well. Warranty is important especially when you have ordered so many boxes for your packaging.

Packaging Design of Custom Apparel Boxes
Packaging design choice has been made easy for you. Our designs encompass everything you will need to attain the best and professional packaging.

Apparel gift box design
Our talented designers have customized gift boxes for all occasions. Whether you need it for your birthday party, Christmas time, or any other important event that deserve a special gift; we have it all in store for you! Mention the design you are looking for we will start from scratch with your instructions to design a glamorous custom box for you.

Luxury custom apparel box design with ribbon
These type of custom box type is made purposely for luxury products packaging. Beautiful and fancy is what defines this quality box. They are made to last and appeal to customers. They come fully loaded with unique inside labeling options and style made for luxury product packaging. We specialize in designing luxury custom boxes that provide tact and security to your products. We play around with colors and designs to add some excitement for your customers. You won’t believe this, for your ribbon, we use the original silk with the colors that match your event or occasion theme!

Drawer style apparel box design
This type of box is exclusively designed with customer’s requirements. It has complex designs due to the improved layout that provides more than just a packaging box! Your customers will be pleased to have their products in a drawer type of pack.

Cardboard apparel box design
These type of packaging absolutely help to save your packaging time. This stunning package type has a pop-up style with a lid that opens easily. Made from recycled chipboards, they are very durable and perfect to pack both heavy and light-weight consumer products.

Types of Sources for Buying Custom Apparel Boxes

Custom printed apparel boxes can be acquired through several channels.
Online stores. This is pretty easy. All you have to do is log in to our website to place your orders. Once we receive your order we will act within your schedule to provide you with the most quality and durable packaging designs of your choice.

Physical stores and shops. Well, these are stores in your local area that provide this kind of boxes. Enter the store, choose what you need and pay for it. The best thing here, all your queries will be clarified face-to-face and get instant feedback.

Benefits of Our Custom Apparel Boxes
Our boxes are customized to make your customers feel important. We have employed modern and very advanced concepts to create the best package designs to fit your products. The solution our custom boxes provide will shock you helping you to grab market share by storm!

We have the right size, color, shape, and designs to accommodate all the product packaging needs in addition to our predefined collections. The boxes we offer not only saves you money; but also the time that may get wasted as you try to find the best package for your items. We have everything you need under one roof.
The boxes we design are highly customized to help you with your branding and marketing needs. We take design seriously making sure that we make boxes with your business logo, company information, and correct product details. We are aware you need to be different in the market to make more business.

Professionalism and a strong brand image are what you get from us. The apparel custom designs you choose have to influence consumers into buying your products and create a lasting image of your brand. We understand this, so don’t wait, go for it!