Oval Bumper Stickers

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Bumper stickers are one of the most common ways to display certain messages or specific personalized designs for vehicles. Oval Bumper Stickers do a very good job of charming up the vehicle exactly according to the owner's design choices. Go Stickers offer our clients oval stickers for the bumpers that are manufactured using highest quality completely weatherproof materials that provide the most reliable and long-lasting flattest stick as well. Along with offering the market beating wholesale prices for our Oval Bumper Stickers, Go Stickers also offer our bulk clients free delivery and the peace of mind of not having to pay any additional printing plate or cutting die charges as well. Satisfactory product quality and cheapest bulk prices are some of our traits.

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Oval Bumper Stickers are great options for instances where only a few letters are required to be printed on them and they come in all size options in order to fit different bumper sizes accurately. Oval Bumper Stickers by quality manufacturers like Go Stickers are manufactured using high-quality plastic materials that enable them to have all weatherproof features and also make them last very long while providing the flattest stick on the bumper that will not leave any residue at all when they are removed as well. These bumper stickers are printed in four different color options and are perfect for displaying short text based messages like “Baby on Board”, Various Country names, the driving license status like learning or just passed and speed numbers with some type of speedometer drawn on them or small to medium sized logos or graphic representations.

Wholesale Oval Bumper Stickers

For business owners who might want certain business logos or other short text based messages displayed on their entire vehicle fleet’s bumpers or for car accessories retailers who stock products like bumper stickers, Go Stickers provide the most trustworthy Wholesale Oval Bumper Stickers that additional to having the cheapest bulk prices are also manufactured using highest quality materials and state-of-the-art equipment. Compromising on various quality features like the quality of adhesives we use for our Custom Oval Bumper Stickers or their superior shiny finish is not the preferred way by Go Stickers. We use our well-established sourcing, manufacturing and distribution channels in order to keep the wholesale prices the cheapest in the industry.

Highest Quality Printing

Go Stickers have some of the most advanced printing plate equipment that enables us to deliver the highest contrast and dynamic printing for Custom Oval Bumper Stickers. We also use the highest quality inks for their printing that gives them the best in the class finish that is able to last the longest while keeping their shine during that period as well. Go Stickers can print in all four color options, whether you want specific business or company logos, some road safety signage or simple textual warning or informative signs for your Oval Bumper Stickers, Go Stickers will fulfill all your printing requirements in the most efficient ways possible.

Various Distinctive Features

Go Stickers are one of the most experienced and highly skilled manufacturers of vehicle stickers of all types. Custom Oval Bumper Stickers are one of our specialties as well. Our bumper stickers have the overall thickness of a dollar bill (4mm), that is perfect to fit any kind of bumpers and give the illusion as if the signs or text on them are printed right on the bumpers. Additionally, the Custom Oval Bumper Stickers by Go Stickers utilize the highest quality adhesives that also don’t add much surface girth while providing the flattest and most reliable stick at the same time as well.

Why Choose Us?

When it comes to providing the highest quality Oval Bumper Stickers that are manufactured using the highest quality materials and inks that make them last the longest, at market beating wholesale prices, no one does it better than Go Stickers. We also deliver bulk orders to your doorstep free of cost and take the printing plate and cutting die charges upon ourselves as well. We aim to boost our client’s business goals by providing the least profit cutting prices.

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