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In business, it is all about how you make your introduction. Not only your product but you yourself also need to be launched properly to be remembered by the other business houses. The best way to do so is to get custom Rip Card printed from us at, GoStickers.

Now, what is a RIP card? Why do you need it? A rip card is the most cost-effective advertising tool no audience can ever overlook. RIP cards are the most important piece of paper that relays the most important piece of information about yourself to your clients and business partners. Even if they are more often than not overlooked, lost, discarded without a look they simply are the best piece of advertising paper to have around.

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How is it a great investment?

A Rip card is more often than not the best way for you to earn business. We at GoStickers, understand it well and strive hard to get you the best marketing tools for your business. Though the current generation is more than happy to put a RIP on the Rip or business cards they cannot. It is mainly because of it the cheapest form of traditional advertising that is the most basic form of marketing.

Nothing ever goes wrong if you just pull out the piece of paper from your wallet and show it the gentlemen you are interested in doing business with. At GoStickers, we are more than happy to create a bunch of wholesale custom rip card in the most inexpensive way possible without compromising on quality.

What We Offer You

If you want to succeed in creating an impact it is more than necessary to get the rip card printing done by us, at GoStickers. With years of experience under our belt, we can get you the best business rip cards without costing you a lot. Here are a few things that we can help you with –

1. Orientation
It is the first thing that we work on. Normally there are three types to choose from –

• Landscape – It is the most basic type of orientation that is too common a choice for all.
• Portrait – It is the most elegant orientation of perforated card printing that is liked by all.
• Square or special cuts – It is the most unique of them all. Eye-catching décor of the card is one o the best to hold the attention of the holder.

2. Material
The next thing to work on is the material. The current market offers one 3 types of materials to make the card. They are –

• Paper – It is the most traditional of them all from thin to thick, uncoated to coated features that are used by all.
• Plastic – It is not a very novel solution but everyone likes the result that is way more

innovative and eye-catching than the average paper goods. Transparent rip business cards coupled with square or special cuts is as eye-catching as it gets.

3. Printing and inks
There are many ways of rip printing a business card. Here are a few offered by us -
• 1 or 2 Color Printing – The most traditional form of printing with printing option. It works wonders If you have a miniscule budget.
• 4 Color Offset Printing – It refers to the CMYK printing designs Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Key(Black) providing a default printing option.
• 4 Color plus Spot Color(s) – It is the new innovative process of adding color that ensures the printing machine to add on a color that is not found in CMYK format.
• Foil ink – Not the cheapest materials but is loved by the clients for its shine and glimmer.

4. Decorative effects and finishing
There are basically three types of décor effects and furnishings that can be used to form of custom Rip Card stand out from the rest. They are –
• Cut-outs
• Emboss/Deboss
• Spot UV
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With us, at the help, your business would only prosper! We provide our customers with free shipping and design service, as well.

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